CVR Settings Guide

Explanations and tips on important settings


Für Fullbody: Make sure that the playspace in SteamVR is set correctly and then set the player height correctly (Auto Calibrate does not work yet) until the feet are on the ground.
Head Bobbing: Set to Enable or Reduced so that your field of view is always correct. Switched off, it still generates small errors.


Just set here how you like it. It should all be self-explanatory. If your PC is not so good, reduce the settings.
Tip: Set the frame rate to the refresh rate of your monitor. If you don't know this exactly, set it to 120Hz or 144Hz.


The various sound settings should also be self-explanatory.
Tip: Set video players to 10% volume, as they are very loud by default.

Input & Key-Bindings

For Index users (or others), the bottom button on both controllers enables or disables finger tracking. Important for this: Use Grip to Grab and Enable Gestures during Finger Tracking ! Vive Advanced Controls can also be activated.
Tip: In the SteamVR controller assignments, you can add a mute button and toggle jumping.


In IK settings, it's important not to activate Plant Feet, as this is controlled by the player height, as mentioned above. Activate Straighten Neck, otherwise your head will lean forward in a funny way when sitting. Just test Pin Hip to Tracker, Hip Shifting and Pre Straighten Spine. For all settings below that, we'll update this article as soon as they work properly.

Content filter

Avatar filter: Here you can decide which avatar content should be displayed to you. Depending on the performance of your PC you can activate more or less. (Install Mature Content DLC for NSFW content!)

Prop filter: Same as the avatar filter, just adjust to your taste.

Interactions: Same as the avatar filter, just adjust to your taste.

Implementation: Here you will find native eye tracking, face tracking and bHaptics (avatars must be set for this to work optimally).

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