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What is Gamingecke?

Welcome to the Gamingecke! We are an open community that focuses on VR, hardware, anime and various games. Whether you are an experienced gamer or a newcomer, you are very welcome here!

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Dive into our active gaming community, where we always use the latest features and offer individual functions with our own Discord bot. Exciting expansions are planned, driven by our passion for gaming and technology.

Discover our high-quality cloud, which originally started out as a NAS system, but has become a secure and reliable cloud platform thanks to our love of experimentation. With a 20TB RAID array, we offer space for your valuable data and are constantly working to further improve speed and security.

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Space Links
Our customized platform for managing and linking services to strengthen your online presence and connect individual services. Maximize your reach and ensure that you are present everywhere on the Internet.

Partner Program
From an internal test phase, it has developed into an open door for exciting projects. Be a part of this exciting journey and find out what the future holds for our communities. The focus is on fun and collaboration!

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Community Projects
We organize various projects with our partners and the communities to strengthen the interaction between everyone.

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