Our Partner Programm

Hey, are you interested in one of our services or programs? Would you like to benefit from our various skills would you simply like to support us with your reach, because you like our projects? Then we can set up an exclusive partnership with us for you.

We have made individual agreements with our existing partners on what we offer and what we expect from them, and we will continue to do so, i.e. we will come together to discuss and clarify everything and also exchange plans on how to proceed and what exactly needs to be implemented.

What we can offer our partners

  • Discord Server setup and administration
  • (Discord) Custom bot with optional functions
  • Hardware consulting
  • Settings for your stream (OBS)
  • Overlay Designs (Stream)
  • 24/7 online server for game server or render PC
  • Partner page on our website
  • Cloud storage for the community
  • own page with us for you with subdomain [name].gamingecke.space or gamingecke.space/[name]
  • Central link hub at https://links.gamingecke.space/@[name]

Our Partners



Virtual Reality



Souls Like